Touch WebApp example

Touch brings the power of PIM and WebShop to your hands. The WebApp is specifically tailored to the characteristics of smartphones, while offering the most requested features without compromising on performance or ease of use.

Touch is a toolbox. Existing screens can be adapted or enhanced depending on the desired degree of integration with ERP or CRM.

Touch screens for the sales force provide access to more information and features than those available to clients.

1. Multiple search techniques :

3 complementary search methods are available:


  • through classification
  • Full text (Google like)
  • Parametric


2. Extended product sheet

The product sheet is spread over several tabs:

  • Description
  • Order references
  • Picture gallery
  • List of related documents with browser


3. On-line order

Via the basket, all references can be ordered in real-time and integrated into the supply chain.

  • The basket
  • Multiple delivery addresses


4. Smartphone integration

  • Mapping of the addresses known in the base.
  • Phone numbers coming from the database can be called instantly with the smartphone