Type : Industry

Next to B2B documents printed on demand , Philips Consumer Luminaires wanted an effective solution for the layout of their B2C catalogs .

More collections of products, more languages ​​(over 20 ) , more technical features to mention , yet the same requirement for a perfect layout while maintaining high levels of productivity.
Mission success by combining Leaflet and Indesign in one flow.

From a Flatplan defined in Excel, all the relevant data and images are collected in real time from the database of products and images.

Leaflet dynamic templates use calculated fields to build sophisticated data tables from the text stored in the database. Many inline picto’s and shapes are used to keep the technical data both attractive and easy to understand for any reader.

Documents can be exported to PDF or InDesign . Both exports are a faithful copy of the pages obtained in Leaflet .
The Indesign copy is however optimized for editing and delayed updates with conservation of master pages (even with dynamic data ) , styles and table structures .

In the Indesign document , the designer can give free rein to his creativity by repositioning / resizing graphical objects on the spread.

Multiple layers are used to translate documents . All strings of text existing in the translation memory are processed automatically . The remaining text to be translated is easily identified by a human translator.