Franpin Nespoli

Type : Industry

One catalog for each brand

Franpin provides all tools and accessories for painting specifically branded for several markets. Now part of the Nespoli group, Franpin sells those products all over Europe.

Franpin had already a some sort of reporting tool for making catalogs, but features were very limited and layout was not in line with the quality perception

Since the upgrade for Leaflet, several catalogs have been produced adapting the house style for each brand, but keeping the same workflow.

As data and layout are totally separate, it is rather easy to have one common approach for all product ranges.

While from the beginning everything has been done to integrate the additional product data into the central system (AS/400), a non-nonsense approach has been chosen where MS-Office programs are used in order to ease massive initial data input.

In no time people in charge of data maintenance can check edits as Leaflet is on-line in real time. Refreshing a page is all what is needed to see the catalog pages with the new data. Ease of use of Leaflet in everyday tasks allow administrative personnel to assemble documents at their own pace and without external help.