Type : Wholesale

ASWO sells spareparts for consumer electronics and white goods throughout Europe.

To keep pace with rapidly changing assortments, ASWO France has decided to move to database publishing and chose Leaflet as a substitute for Pagemaker.

They wanted a database with flexible structure and a direct connection to the AS/400 mainframe without the need to have in-depth programming skills to give full autonomy to the marketing department.

The catalog counts about 1,000 pages and contains thousands of images.
More than 30,000 items are covered with alternating templates. Lists can spread over more than 50 pages and include cross-links while other pages are more descriptive and use a lot of HTML text for rich text display. Indexes, tables of contents and keywords references are automatically maintained.

The automatic generation of the catalog can be done in half an hour and the entire catalog is managed by one person.
ASWO personnel is experienced enough to make changes to the selection and regeneration of pages from scratch just a few moments before transmission to the printer.