Type : Wholesale

Single source ( web and print) publishing is used by Anjac to reduce errors when working on more than 30,000 sku’s.

The graphic charter has been preserved by combining the productivity of Leaflet for rough layouts with the power of Indesign for finishing.
Key objectives achieved: cheaper, faster , no errors and no compromise on the layout.

Even when product rotation is less than 15 %, it is not uncommon that all the pages of an existing catalog are affected.

Therefore, thanks to the effectiveness of Leaflet technology, Anjac is capable of generating a brand new document of the actual product assortment.

The biggest catalog contains over 1,400 pages and the whole cycle takes only a few weeks to get a document ready to be printed .

The workflow can be described as a three-step process :

  1. Inject all products in the document according to the Leaflet flatplan : page layout is not optimized, but all data are displayed according to the template associated with each product. This draft is an ideal tool to correct and complete the database.
  2. Balance Pages: product boxes are resized to fill the pages to 100% and adjust the position and size of each product in WYSIWYG mode taking into account the actual data ( number of images to display , text length and table size of the SKUs ) .
    The pages consist of a mix of products associated with one of 20 dynamic templates available, tips and product information sheets available as EPS or PDF files.
  3. finishing touch in Indesign : 90% of the layout is already done by Leaflet . Resizing and repositioning of pictures should be made to maximize the visual appeal of each page. This cannot be obtained in a fully automated process. Items not stored in the database are also added during this step.
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