Now Leaflet generates QR codes also!

Leaflet goes to the next dimension with barcodes!

For years Leaflet generates barcodes without the need for special fonts. These codes are vector based and are used in tariffs or labels.

The barcodes are supported by all the media outputs, including HTML and Indesign.

The latest addition is the QR code symbology ( ) which is used with some success as a link between short ads and their extensive coverage on the web. All recent smartphones can scan a Qr code printed on A4, large format or even displayed on a flat screen.

The QR code can contain an Internet address. Scan the code at the right side refers you to the front page of the site:

Leaflet is now capable of generating a real-time QR code whose content can be dynamically derived from the database while being formatted – as a hyperlink, for example – through a calculated field.