Interactive catalog on tablet

At present tablets are characterized by modest performance, a different user interface (multi-touch rather than mouse) and an average screen resolution (85% of computer screens are better).

There are several ways to view a catalog on a tablet:


  1. Access the main interactive catalog on the web via the browser

    Suboptimal use, sometimes impossible, depending on the layout of the site.
    Response time too long if used on 3G network.

  2. Access (through a browser) to a page flipping catalog in HTML5

  3. Creating a webapp: Access via the browser to a mobile version of the catalog on the web

    New mobile presentation catalog.
    A web app has many advantages over a specific app.

  4. Provision of an “app” specially designed for the consultation of the catalog

    Specific and separate development for each platform.


Only the last option provides an optimal user experience, but it is the one with the highest burden in a fast moving environment.