Leaflet XII in 2015

Leaflet XII implements 2 important functionalities: Cell spanning in 2D tables and The smart viewer for HTML5 pages on tablets and computer screens. Next to that here is a series of features that will boost productivity when designing complex templates: Nested templates Template profiler Assisted monitoring And there is also the new internal script processor […]

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Leaflet XI

In 2014, Leaflet focuses on better Internet support with a lot of new tools with dynamic behaviour. Furthermore, Leaflet XI adds features to face the problematic of multi-languages catalogues.

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Now Leaflet generates QR codes also!

Leaflet goes to the next dimension with barcodes!

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LeafLet X

A series of new features are available in Leaflet X. Outputs output (for fashionable tablets and good old PCs) Leaflet documents should also be available on the mobile platform . We have come to the conclusion that HTML5 is probably the most appropriate format to use in order to seamlessly distribute documents to all tablets […]

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